This is a Samsung microUSB Jig, it allows you to enter the Samsung’s Firmware Flashing Mode without using any of the Volume, Power and Home buttons, useful if you broke those buttons. This should work on newer Samsung Android Phones that has microUSB sockets. I made this to try to boot up a dead [marvell EMEI device?] Samsung Tab 3 but it did not work. This jig worked on my Samsung Tab A7 though.

The microUSB cable is from CD-R King and I bought it for PHP 60. It is a 1-meter cable, and has AWG 26 for red and black wires (VCC and GND) but 28 AWG for the white and green wire the data wires. It does not have pin 4 which is needed for the creation of the jig.

I dissected the microUSB socket and managed to find the unsoldered pin 4, it is very small and I do not have any soldering equipment for small components, but I managed to solder a thin wire to pin 4 and connected them to three 100 Kilo-Ohm resistor and a 1 Kilo-ohm resistor in series to the GND (Black) wire.

This is the schematic of the Jig:

The DIY Jig

Resistors in series

MicroUSB (I covered it with a black electrical tape to protect the soldered pin 4 from breaking loose.)

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