Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
All microcontroller and digital Integrated Circuit devices are sensitive to ESD, they may be destroyed by it instantly. Before unboxing or removing them in protective anti-static packaging, please ground yourself to a metal chassis or doorknob or wear an anti-static gloves.

I have this AMS1117 both the 3.3V and 5.0V, upon reading the datasheet I found out that they are not LDO or low-dropout regulators since they require a 1V dropout voltage and not battery friendly since they draw 11mA of quiescent current. It is also a linear regulator so you need a heatsink if you are going to power it from a higher voltage input than the output because it converts the extra voltage to heat. I have the SOT-223 package and you cannot place it on a heatsink.

My plan was to solder the jumper male to the pins of the AMS1117 but I cannot manage to, since my soldering tip is damaged and I only have a cheap soldering tin. So, I mounted in on a small PCB and added some male headers. Here is the result:

I also plan to put this on the AC/DC Adapter that I teared-down earlier the fake 3V output one. That adapter has an unregulated output so the output voltage is from 6.3V to 5.2V I hope that this regulator can deal with it.
TODO: tests and casing.

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