I have an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) for Computer Use, no label on the rate wattage. It has one 110V socket, and three 220V socket with a ground prong. The wire seems to be 22AWG and it appears to be cheap. It also have a 5A fuse, SPST switch (I would prefer a DPDT for protection against incorrect way of plugging into a socket).

I also reverse engineered the schematics of it, you can download it below:


Here is the preview of the schematic if you do not want to download the file:

Here are some photos of it:

The transformer that has the 110V, 220V regulation and the 12V step down supply for the Relay
The wires are all 26AWG, maybe too small for the current consumption of a computer?

The 110V soket, it has a warning that maximum of 50W only.

My clamp meter measuring the regulated voltage from the AC 220V socket.

Inside is the 5A glass fuse.

Here is the PCB and the through hole components:

Top View after opening

The Single Pole Single Throw Seesaw Switch, maybe unsafe. I felt a slight shock when touching the metal casing of my system unit while the switch is off. In the Philippines, there is no Neutral or Live. Both lines are live but has half voltages? I tested it using my voltage tester.
This should be a Double Pole Double Throw Seesaw Switch to safely shut down or disconnect to the mains.
Please see my mastodon post regarding the mains live USB socket:

A video demo will be uploaded soon.

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